Archaeological holidays – The best advice

In addition to the travel stories, Peter personally leads some of our trips to Turkey every year.

Archeological tours can range from cheap bus tours of the ruins of Greece to exotic adventures around Mayan sites in Guatemala. These cultural visits are becoming increasingly popular. Many travelers no longer want a beach holiday but want to be inspired – to see some of the wonders of the ancient world, to explore the past of a culture and to learn about their ancestors and themselves.

Here are some tips if you are looking for an archaeological vacation.

Who is the leader?

You can make or break your journey, so learn something about it. Some local guides are excellent, but many do not follow the proper training and only follow a boring test. Academics can be leaders in their profession, but that does not mean that they are effective, enthusiastic and passionate communicators. If the tour guide has all this knowledge and is knowledgeable, you will probably have a wonderful trip.

Zoom on the itinerary

Some trips try to cover too much ground and can be quite exhausting. Is it a long drive, from the bus to the place, over the bus … a real checklist of old landmarks that customers can mark? Is there time for a break, admire the scenery and enjoy the atmosphere? Look for a route that has been carefully thought out and can not cope with too many places and too much driving.

How big is the group?

Cheap could mean large groups in which you are just one member of a large herd that has driven like a cattle and is barely able to hear the leader. If this is the case, the guide is unlikely to have the time or energy to listen to you, talk to you personally, or make you feel special. I think 16 maximum seems to work better.

Learn more about the company

Make sure they are trustworthy and comply with the 1992 Package Travel, Vacation and Package Regulations, which ensure that they protect customers’ money. What is the history of the company? Some of the largest travel companies used to working with a large number of people are now organizing cheap “cultural tours”. Compare what these trips have to offer with those of small businesses with more passion for archeology and experienced guides.

You pay for what you get

The old adage is often correct, so it’s not necessarily the best option. The cheaper packages often use large faceless hotels and include charter flights with departures in the middle of the night. Take the time to choose the archaeological tour that suits you. Many travel agencies that offer archaeological tours are real specialists, so talk to them. Sign up for an unforgettable vacation.

The seven archaeological wonders of Peter, from Turkey to Ethiopia

Ephesus, Turkey. The Roman capital of Asia and one of the best preserved classical cities of the Mediterranean. The place is great: marble streets, agoras, mansions, theaters for 28,000 people and exceptional library.

The pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps the most epic proof of the ingenuity, imagination and sophistication of ancient cultures. A pair of stunning tombs that are around 4,500 years old.

Great Wall of China. This more than 4,000 km long fortified landscape is an amazing work that is so unimaginable. It is relentless to walk through the desert and the mountain, an overwhelming memory of China’s cultural hegemony for much of the first millennium of our era.

The Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia. No wonder, but an extraordinary collection of Roman mosaics, perhaps the most beautiful in the world. The walls of the museum are simply covered with mosaics and provide an inspiring, beautiful and fascinating depiction.

The churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia. While most architectural wonders soar into the sky, these spectacular churches are literally dug into the ground. About 800 years old, they still live in the center of ceremonies and colorful religious processions.

Statues on the Easter Island. I have not yet managed to get there myself, but for something that is far from the ancient Mediterranean, the amazing and atmospheric heads of Easter Island must become one of my greatest archeological sites.

Teotihuacán, Mexico. The first major metropolis in the New World, named after the place of the gods of the Aztecs. A meticulously planned city, built around 200 BC. With a grid of streets and buildings superimposed by the monstrous sun pyramid.

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